A Survey of Church History by Dr. W. Robert Godfrey

Ligonier Ministries has put together a comprehensive lecture series on early church history that will help you develop an understanding of how God has sustained his church from it’s inception. This series is simple, solid, and affordable. If you are looking to develop a strong apologetic concerning attacks against the early church, this is the series for you.

Part 1, A.D. 100-600

Many committed, knowledgeable believers still know little about the history of the church. As a result, they’re missing a testament to God’s steadfastness over the centures. Now, a monumental new teaching series sheds crucial light on church history, demonstrating God’s promise to build and preserve his church so that “the gates of hell will not prevail against it” (Matt. 16:18).

Join Dr. Robert Godfrey as he takes believers through the first twelve lectures of what will be a sixty-lecture series covering theology, apologetics, notable church fathers, and much more.

For access to all 12 lectures in part 1 click here. Each lecture is made available for $2.00 and can be downloaded separately. Both video and audio are available.

Click here for a free study guide.

1600 Martyn Lloyd-Jones Sermons Available for Free

Don’t pray for healing, don’t try to hold me back from the glory.” Martyn Lloyd-Jones

1600 Martyn Lloyd-Jones sermons are now available for free to download. Incredible resource. Click here.

This is probably the biggest announcement the MLJ Trust will ever make. Starting from tomorrow, April 12th, all 1,600 recorded sermons by Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones will be available to download, at no cost, to anyone who wants to listen to them! There are no exceptions, so the Ephesians sermons, Romans sermons, etc. will all be available (it will take a few days to make sure that they are all included in the library). All one has to do is join the MLJ Library (membership is free of course) and start to download! Simply go to our newly updated site at http://www.mljtrust.org and click on “MLJ Library”.” – Jonathan Catherwood

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A Quick Introduction to the New Testament by D.A. Carson and Douglas Moo FREE on Amazon Kindle

Zondervan has released an 80 page book titled, “A Quick Introduction to the New Testament” by D.A. Carson and Douglas Moo. This is available for free on Amazon Kindle.

Click here to download the book

Derived from D. A. Carson and Douglas J. Moo’s widely adopted textbook, An Introduction to the New Testament, this digital short surveys key critical and interpretive issues in New Testament study. Attention is given to original manuscripts, interpretative traditions, biblical theology, historical criticism, postmodernism, linguistic and social-science approaches to the text, and more. Students of the New Testament will find A Quick Introduction to the New Testament to be a handy yet complete reference tool.

Themelios: A Free Evangelical Theological Journal

Three times a year The Gospel Coalition publishes a free journal discussing important theological issues titled, “Themelios”. It’s edited by D.A. Carson, Charles Anderson, Michael J. Ovey, and Andrew David Naselli. The newest issue is a 180-page PDF, includes 3 essays, columns by Carson and new regular contributor (Michael Ovey), and 66 book reviews. This journal is a great resource.

Click here to view the current issue of Themelios, as well as back issues of the Themelios Journal.

Themelios is an international evangelical theological journal that expounds and defends the historic Christian faith. Its primary audience is theological students and pastors, though scholars read it as well. It was formerly a print journal operated by RTSF/UCCF in the UK, and it became a digital journal operated by The Gospel Coalition in 2008.

Themelios is published three times a year exclusively online at The Gospel Coalition. It is presented in two formats:PDF (for downloading and citing pagination) and HTML (for greater accessibility, usability, and infiltration in search engines). Themelios is copyrighted by The Gospel Coalition. Readers are free to use it and circulate it in digital form without further permission (any print use requires further written permission), but they must acknowledge the source and, of course, not change the content.

Rid of My Disgrace by Justin Holcomb FREE on Amazon Kindle

Rid of my Disgrace by Justin Holcomb is available for free on Amazon Kindle for the next two days only. It’s hands down the best book I’ve ever read on sexual abuse and assault.

If you have been a victim of sexual assault or abuse, please take some time to read this free book. If you are a pastor, or church leader, or counsel in any capacity, you need to read this book.

Click here to download Rid of My Disgrace.

The statistics are jarring. One in four women and one in six men are or will be victims of sexual assault in their lifetime. But as sobering as the statistics are, they don’t begin to speak to the darkness and grief experienced by these victims. Because sexual assault causes physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual pain, victims need clear help, hope, and healing. In Rid of My Disgrace, a couple experienced in counseling victims of sexual assault explains how the grace of God can heal the broken and restore the disgraced.

Justin and Lindsey Holcomb outline an approach for moving from destruction to redemption. While avoiding platitudes and shallow theology, Rid of My Disgrace combines biblical and theological depth with up-to-date research. This book is primarily written for those who have been assaulted (either as children or adults) but also equips family, friends, pastors, and others to care for victims in ways that are compassionate, practical, and informed. Part of the Re:Lit series.

Resource: Islam Uncensored

Islam Uncensored: 14 Leaders: Liberals, Conservatives, Muslims, Jews, Atheists, Christians, & A Former CIA Director Reveal What The Government & Media Won’t Tell You About Islam

Tired of the simplistic cultural conversation about the nature of Islam, the author set out to write a book about Islam that was unlike any other.

He interviewed fourteen leaders and experts on Islam that span the ideological spectrum within religion, politics, and worldview to get to the bottom of one of today’s most controversial and timely subjects. . .what is the nature of Islam.

The leaders interviewed are liberals and conservatives and represent every corner of the religious landscape including a radical Islamist, two Muslim reformers, Jews, Christians, and Atheists.

Other interviewees include a feminist, the son of one of the founders of Hamas, and even an ex CIA Director.

The author gets out of the way and lets the reader hear from these riveting personalities directly.

A great part of the appeal of this book is that the leaders and experts you are introduced to are not in agreement as to the nature of Islam-to the point that if they were put in a room and asked to define Islam, war might break out.

Yet, what these leaders who represent completely different religious and political orientations say in common about Islam is simply extraordinary and will quite likely shake your worldview.

This book is absolute must reading for anybody who wants to understand Islam beyond the usual simplistic messages you are fed about Islam from the media, government, and culture (“Islam is evil” and “Islam is a religion of peace”).

You can purchase this book on Amazon Kindle for $4 by clicking here, or you can order a paperback copy of the book on Amazon for $13.95 by clicking here.

Remember Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani? Iran is hoping you won’t.

Remember Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani? Iran is hoping you won’t.

This is an urgent matter. What can you do? Pray hard for your brother in Christ and his family. Also, please take some time and sign ACLJ’s petition to save Pastor Youcef. Click here to view the petition.

via ACLJ.org

“We have just received word from our contacts on the ground in Iran of an extremely dangerous turn of events for Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani. There is an increased likelihood that the Iranian regime will execute Pastor Youcef for his faith.

Pastor Youcef’s case had been stalled due to increased international pressure and the Iranian court’s request that Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khamenei, decide Pastor Youcef’s fate. Now, because Pastor Youcef has continually refused to give into the regime’s demands that he renounce his Christian faith, the likelihood that the Iranian regime will execute him increases by the day.

The situation has not been this dire since we first brought you his story.

Iran has demonstrated its resolve to ignore its international obligations, whether by its continued attempt to gain nuclear power or its continued disregard for human rights.

It is more critical than ever to increase the pressure on the Iranian regime to overturn Pastor Youcef’s death sentence and release him immediately. If Iran executes Pastor Youcef, it could be the catalyst for the extinction of Christianity in Iran.

The ACLJ is continuing to work with Pastor Youcef’s attorney in Iran, the State Department, and Members of Congress in an effort to save Pastor Youcef’s life.

The congressional resolution introduced by Representative Joe Pitts (PA-16) late last week – condemning Iran and calling for Pastor Youcef’s immediate release – is gaining bipartisan support, including the original co-sponsorship of Representatives John Carter (TX-31), Keith Ellison (MN-5), Trent Franks (AZ-2), James McGovern (MA-3), Heath Shuler (NC-11), and Frank Wolf (VA-10).

The ACLJ is urging every Member of Congress to support this critical measure. Please sign our Petition to Free Christian Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani today.

Please continue to share Pastor Youcef’s story and pray, as we continue fighting for his life.”

…an hour is coming for everyone who kills you to think that he is offering service to God.” John 16:2

I saw under the altar the souls of those who had been slain because of the word of God and the testimony they had maintained.” Rev 6:9

20 Errors on ABC News 20/20 Special “Islam: Questions & Answers”

This is reason number 100,793 why I don’t watch mainstream media news.

David Wood of Acts 17 Apologetics and Answering Muslims breaks down the ABC News 20/20 special “Islam: Questions & Answers” and exposes 20 different errors. The errors range from getting facts plain wrong, misrepresenting what the Quran teaches, and misrepresenting history. You will also notice ABC News failed to quote from the Quran to support their unsubstantiated claims about Islam. This is probably because if they had quoted from the Quran, Hadith, or the Tafsir literature, it would have contradicted their ridiculous claims. Adam and Eve created equally from dust? Virgins should have been translated as raisins? Not if you actually bother to read the Quran. Apparently reading the most trusted sources on Islam wasn’t that important to ABC News.

If I were a Muslim, I would have been offended that ABC News didn’t see fit to represent Islam in a truthful manner, or bother to interview anyone who could accurately represent Islam instead of some mythical westernized version. The question isn’t “what do westernized Muslims who have little to no clue about the Quran or Hadith say about Islam”, but rather “what does the Quran and the Hadith actually say?”